Friday, May 27, 2011

Smack this

Tut for exp psp user
Kit i used Smack this by Roo you can get it here
Tube is by Elias Chatzoudis you can get it here at PTE
Template346 by Missy you can get it here 
Let's get Start

- Open the template > canvas size 750x700 > delete the copyright and the background > fill the template with papers of your choice
- Open the tube > place the full tube in the front of the template
- Open the close-up tube > place it in circle large of the template > blending mode light
- take both tubes again put the full tube at the left at frame background of the template and the close-up at the right > blending mode lumination old
- Open element 8 > resize it 50% > place it to the right
- Open element 9 > place it over the frame and tubes
- Open element 13 > duplicate it 2 times > place it behind the frame
- Open element 26 > resize it 75% > place it at the frame
- Open element 28 > resize it 65% > place it to the left
- Open element 92 > resize it 35% > place it to the right
- Now we are putting shadow not black but red > drop some shadow at the template and at the elements so you get a red glow
- Place the copyright at the tag and your name > put all layers together 

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