Monday, April 9, 2012

Our little Secret

Tut for exp psp user
  Kit i used S&M by Tammys Scraps you can get it here
Tube is by VeryMany you can get it here
Template448 by Missy you can get it here
WSL_Mask84 you can get it here
Let's get Started

- Open the template > canvas size 750x700 > delete the copyright and te background
- Fill the template with papers of your choice
- Pick a paper of choice and load the mask in it
- Open the tube resize it 65% and place it in the middle
- put some parts of the tube in the frames > blendingmode lumination old
- Open element_23 > place it behind the template
- Open element_7 > resize it 35% >duplicate > flip > place 1 left and 1 right
- Open element_74 > resize it 20% > duplicate > rotate 1 115 degrees to the right place them at the tag
- Open element_70 > resize it 25% > duplicate it 4 times > place them random
- Open element_60 > resize it 50% > place it at the bottom
- Open element_2 > resize it 50% > place it at the left
- Open element_68 > resize it 30% > place it at the left
- Put some shadow at the elements, place you name and copyright at the tag > put all layers together

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