Monday, September 10, 2012

Beautiful but Dangerous

Tut for ps user
First of all i made this tag in Photoshop CS6...I will try to explain it because i used allot of standard filters i hope you all can understand it
Kit i used Beautiful Dangerous by Joy Designs you can get it here
Tube is by Arthur Crowe you can get it here
Template447 by Missy you can get it here
fonts i used Many Weatz and Mistral these are free fonts you can download them from the web
Lets get Started

- Open the template > delete copyright and background
- Image > canvas size > 750x700
- Open the blackpaper > duplicate > place 1 above circle1 > and 1 above circle 2 > both create clipping mask > merge down the clipping mask 
- Duplicate both circles > put your background color at #b52338 > filter > stylize > tiles > number of tiles 35 > maximum offset 5% > background collor > blending mode overlay > do this at both circles
- fill the template with papers of choice by creating clipping mask > merge them all seprate
- for the rounded edge rectangle and square1 you have to use a black paper > and for the square frames the red paper
- go to a square frame > filter > noise > add noise > with these settings 18.92% - gaussion - monochromatic > repeat this at the other 2 frames
- Set your foreground color at #3e3e40 and you background color at #b52338 > go to the rounded edge rectangle > filter > render > difference clouds > also do this with the square1
- Lets open the tube > resize it 65% > place it at the template at the left
- Open the close up tube > resize it 65% > place it at the template in the frame
- Duplicate the close up tube > select it color it white > put your background color at #3e3e40 > filter > stylize > tiles > with these settings 45 - 5 - background color > blending mode overlay > opacity 32%
- If you want to have the eyes in the small thin rectangle you have to do it the same way with the same settings
- Decorate the tag with some elements > if you want to resize the elements just go to > edit > transform > scale
- Now we start at the text > surge for the font Many Weatz > 72pt > color #b52338 > type the text Beautiful! > rasterize text > filter > noise > same settings as before > add layer style > stroke > size 2 > color wihte > rasterize layer style > duplicate the text > place it behind the first text > again add layer style > stroke > size 3 > black > rasterize layer style > filter > noise > add noise > same settings
- Drop some shadow at your elements > and at the text i also put some outer glow > place the copyright and your name on the tag  

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